What is Bikers' Dozen?

Southern Honda

The Bikers' Dozen is a series of scenic loops that are about experiencing life on the back roads with your motorcycle. It is about passing through small towns with drive-in theatres and about petting an old dog patiently waiting for his best friend at the front door of a small town convenience store. It is about a little girl and her grandpa on a riding mower waving to passing bikers and the sweet scent of a cleared timber burning next to the highway.

The Bikers' Dozen is about kids waving from the back seats of cars sitting at traffic lights and about meeting good-ole country folk in small town country stores with creaking wood floors. The scenic loops are about homemade mashed potatoes at small town restaurants that don't even know what instant potatoes are. It's about visiting with fellow bikers who are grinning from ear-to-ear as they also enjoy the outdoors and the occasional opportunity to open up the throttle for two-lane highways passing old pickup trucks.

The loops are about putting our feet in a cold mountain river and the water rushing so loud around the boulders it's the only thing you can hear. The rides are about seeing old boarded-up motels long since closed for business and visualizing what must have been the generation prior to interstates. The rides are all about the Lord's creation and the special opportunity bikers have to enjoy it in a way no other travelers can!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the loops!

Thunder Creek Harley-Davidson