The Loops

All loops begin and end in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tellico Loop

What a day this has been! Today’s scenic loop took me on back roads with a mix of straight and curvy sections of two-lane highway, some parts with very sharp curves. I also passed along a beautiful, scenic section of the whitewater rapids of the Ocoee River. In the most rural sections I had to be careful to watch for gravel washed-out in the road from driveways and for dogs that may not be in fenced-in yards. This loop took the majority of the day to negotiate, mainly because of its abundance of curves. Enough said; hit the road with me as I recount the journey- one you may want to take!

Altitude Map for Tellico Loop

Download full loop description and directions (PDF)

Loop Stats
Route Length: 196 miles
Lowest Elevation: 670'
Highest Elevation: 1764'
Elevation Variance: 1094'
Fatigue Factor: Moderate
Starting Point: Tennessee Welcome Center
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