The Loops

All loops begin and end in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Sand Mountain Loop

Even though today’s ride was one of the longer loops it was one that was especially easy to ride and very relaxing. After riding one of the more strenuous loops in the very curvy North Georgia Mountains yesterday I was in the mood for a Bikers’ Dozen Loop that provided me a day to relax on some pleasant country roads. Today’s ride transported me across Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, southwest to the backcountry of Alabama, and then over Sand Mountain on sparsely traveled two-lane highways. As I then headed north I crossed back into Tennessee and into some gentle riding mountain roads that served to continue my day of relaxation since the higher elevations and breezes cooled me off on a day that was slightly warm. By the day’s end I passed through parts of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama and crossed the Tennessee River two times along the way. Taking almost six hours to ride, plus the additional time for stops along the way, this loop is a little longer than some. Come on a relaxing ride with me as we head to Sand Mountain!

Altitude Map for Sand Mountain Loop

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Loop Stats
Route Length: 214 miles
Lowest Elevation: 591'
Highest Elevation: 2252'
Elevation Variance: 1661'
Fatigue Factor: Moderate
Starting Point: Incline Railway parking lot
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