The Loops

All loops begin and end in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Eddie's Choice Loop

One of the advantages of being the creator of anything from a work of art to a Bikers’ Dozen Loop is the freedom of doing it the way you want. Today’s scenic loop is a composite of the things that are my favorite ingredients for a great days ride. The things that make for my favorite rides are slightly curvy two-lane highways through mostly farm country, places along the route that other bikers congregate, some mountain riding in cooler temperatures, a meal at a good small town restaurant, at least one section of quite curvy roads, and maybe an interesting place to stop for a visit along the way. I have taken each of these ingredients to create the loop that I rode today, and invite you to ride with me as I take you through my ideal ride. Today’s loop can be ridden in just a little over a half day and should provide riders with enough time to check out some of Chattanooga’s attractions afterward. Well, lets do it!

Altitude Map for Eddies Choice Loop

Download full loop description and directions (PDF)

Loop Stats
Route Length: 181 miles
Lowest Elevation: 689'
Highest Elevation: 1138'
Elevation Variance: 449'
Fatigue Factor: Mild
Starting Point: Kangaroo Convenience Store
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