The Loops

All loops begin and end in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Suches Loop

Today’s route was one of those trips that many cycle riders will only dream of riding. The day of riding provided a combination of beautiful scenery, quaint small towns, curvy mountain roads, interesting local shops, great local restaurants, and a motorcycle-only resort to top it all off. This route takes about eight hours, including stops along the way, thus it should be set aside as one of the all-day trips. On your ride I recommend stopping at the TWO (Two Wheels Only) Resort for a time of fellowship and sharing with other cyclists from all over the eastern part of our country. Well let’s hit the road on paper as I take you on my ride that I hope kindles your desire to hit the road on two wheels!

Altitude Map for Suches Loop

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Loop Stats
Route Length: 231 miles
Lowest Elevation: 672'
Highest Elevation: 3297'
Elevation Variance: 2625'
Fatigue Factor: High
Starting Point: Cracker Barrel Restaurant
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