The Loops

All loops begin and end in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Dragon's Tail Loop

This was the day I had been looking forward to; it was the day of The Dragon with the Cherahala Skyway thrown in as a bonus. Today’s route will certainly go down as my favorite Bikers’ Dozen loop and most likely the best riding day of my life. There have been magazine articles written about much of today’s loop and I definitely see why. I was glad I picked a day after one of my short loop rides because I was rather tired at the end of the day, but it was worth it. Since this was a rather strenuous ride I made numerous stops along the way and enjoyed fellowship with fellow riders at most every one of them. I met cycle riders who came from every part of the country and a few from as far away as Canada. Looking back on the day I leaned into curve after curve, rode 43 miles on a mountain crest highway called the Cherahala Skyway, and then experienced the one of a kind, internationally known, Dragons Tail. In this stretch I found myself buried deep into motorcycle country and did the “low five” literally hundreds of times before I parked my bike at the end of the day. The Dragon and the fellowship alone were worth the trip. So sit back as I recap my ride and one that could be the ride of your life!

Altitude Map for The Dragons Tail Loop

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Loop Stats
Route Length: 258 miles
Lowest Elevation: 675'
Highest Elevation: 4570'
Elevation Variance: 3895'
Fatigue Factor: High
Starting Point: Tennessee Welcome Center
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