The Loops

All loops begin and end in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Three State-Three Mountain Loop

Since my day was mostly spent in areas with ample sunshine and the trip was only about four hours, I decided to start a little later in the day and finish around super time. Earlier in the day I rode the Incline Railway up Lookout Mountain and then walked to historic Point Park from the Incline station on the mountaintop. The Incline advertises that it is the world’s steepest mile, and I can understand why after I’m half way up and look down. Today’s route took me through the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama and over Suck Creek, Sand, and Lookout mountains. This route is very similar to the one used each year by over two thousand bicycle riders in the 3-State 3-Mountain Challenge bicycle event. This loop can easily be ridden after lunch but still return the riders before dark. Come join me as I take you “over the river and through the woods” through three states and over three mountains!

Altitude Map for Three State-Three Mountain Loop

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Loop Stats
Route Length: 142 miles
Lowest Elevation: 603'
Highest Elevation: 2107'
Elevation Variance: 1504'
Fatigue Factor: Moderate
Starting Point: Mount Vernon Restaurant
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