The Loops

All loops begin and end in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Little River Canyon Loop

Today’s loop took me along the base of Lookout Mountain, through a north Georgia farmland valley, up Lookout Mountain with a few switchbacks, along the top of the Lookout Mountain, back down the mountain into Alabama for some country road riding, back up Lookout Mountain, along the breathtaking Little River Canyon Parkway, crossing Lake Weiss, back into Georgia on two-lane state highways, and then back to my starting point. It was one of the most relaxing options of the Bikers’ Dozen Loops and one that will take Bikers’ Dozen riders places that most folks in Chattanooga have never been. Riding on the rim of Little River Canyon is worth the trip in itself. Hop on board for our excursion that’s Alabama bound!

Altitude Map for Little River Canyon Loop

Download full loop description and directions (PDF)

Loop Stats
Route Length: 167 miles
Lowest Elevation: 561'
Highest Elevation: 1810'
Elevation Variance: 1249'
Fatigue Factor: Moderate
Starting Point: Chattanooga Chickamauga Military Park
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